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R. W. Thorpe

& Associates

Planning & Design

Client: Union Shares

R. W. Thorpe & Associates, Inc. (RWTA) was brought on to provide research, graphics/presentation development and expert planning testimony on a very unique and complex land condemnation case.  The City of Redmond vs. Union Shares LLC involved Redmond’s condemnation of a King County land parcel to support the city’s Evans Creek Relocation Project.  The property was located north of Union Hill Road and adjoining NE 196 Ave.   The ten-acre property was to be used for an environmental creek restoration project, not withstanding the fact that cross jurisdiction eminent domain cases must be for park purposes and not for restoration projects.  RWTA assisted legal counsel through a review and analysis of over 600 public documents, public hearing minutes and various comprehensive and shoreline management plans.   RWTA advanced counter-claimant case development by providing expert planning analysis and testimony that focused on existing easement restrictions, improper economic benefits to outside property owners, and defective project feasibility assessment, programming and policy inconsistency.   Finally, RWTA provide legal counsel with the planning tools and information needed to litigate condemnation use and necessity while accurately and clearly articulating the issues at stake during the May 2016 bench trial.




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