R. W. Thorpe

& Associates

Planning & Design

The office of R. W. Thorpe & Associates, Inc. (RWT/A) is a Seattle based urban and regional planning firm with expertise in land use management, landscape design, environmental and economic analysis, permit expediting and many other fields.


RWT/A has extensive experience with the development, implementation and review of regulations and ordinances in the areas of:

  • zoning,
  • comprehensive plans,
  • critical/sensitive areas, shorelines and environmental
  • subdivision and landscape design.


Over its more than 30 year history, the firm has been involved in several large, comprehensive plan contracts for public jurisdictions in Washington and Alaska. A key element in the scope of these contracts was the development and implementation of zoning, land use, critical/sensitive areas, subdivision and landscape ordinances and regulations.


RWT/A is recognized for its multi-disciplinary approach to land use planning and environmental analysis. In this capacity, the firm has prepared over 400 SEPA Environmental Impact Statements, land use and zoning feasibilities for large-scale industrial and recreational projects, successfully helped implement over 2,000 comprehensive plan amendments and rezones, numerous Planned Unit Developments, Conditional Use Permits and other land use permit applications.


Most firm members have public agency experience in writing and administering land use guidelines and regulations. All have extensive first-hand experience working with public agencies, elected officials and citizen groups, with several being qualified expert witnesses. The firm utilizes its own staff as well as on-call consultants for specialized expertise and technical research and analyses. Often the firm will take the lead on a project, ensuring efficient project management and quality control. One of our strongest attributes is the ability to assemble a team of highly qualified subconsultants whose expertise is specifically suited to best serve the needs of the project at hand. Our expertise has achieved an approval rate of over 96% in more than 4,000 land use permit applications, mediations and litigation.

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